YouTube-logo-full_colorCredit where credit is due. YouTube is not only the largest Video platform on the planet with the fastest and most reliable CDN. They are also true innovators in the space and were first to enable 3D videos (although it appears that this functionality is currently not available anymore). YouTube was also first to support 4k resolution, in fact many buyers of new 4k televisions probably have no other means to view UHD content other than YT at the moment. A recent article says that now 60fps has been introduced to YouTube as well. Read it here in detail. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them enable 360 degree functionality or some VR/Occulus support soon, too.



Ed Mazza has recently published a paper about Marketing 3D (download here: Marketing 3D Version 2) We have interviewed him exclusively for 3DContentBlog.com

Please introduce yourself and your background in 3D. 

Ed Mazza is a marketing and communications consultant with experience in marketing and communications planning, product marketing, training, strategic and tactical marketing. This experience includes a wide variety of products and services including 3D consumer and business products, digital signage advertising, Smart Grid for electric water and gas utilities, cloud computing and telecommunications.


Why did you write this report?

I have written the paper “Marketing 3D – Moving 3D to the Mainstream” and others in this series of marketing 3D products because I perceive a need to arm the overall 3D industry with the tools necessary to bring 3D to the public. When I first worked in the 3D industry as a Director of Marketing for an autostereoscopic display company, I fell into the trap that many before me and since have fallen into: This technology is so cool that people will be drawn to it. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even though 3D has been around for many years, it has a perception problem, a PR problem if you will.

Due to past negative perceptions of 3D and 3D as a fad and also the overwhelming 3D press touting the dangers and death of 3D, the acceptance of 3D by the public is going to take a different approach than your typical marketing effort. It is going to take an industry wide demand generation program. It is going to take convincing the public, one segment at a time, that 3D does add to the viewing experience and not just for jump out of the screen effects that in some cases do not even match with the story.

What is the future of 3D in your view?

3D and other advanced visual technologies have a great potential to change the way we view any visual content. 3D visual technologies add yet another tool to the arsenal of story tellers, no matter who they are or what story they are telling, another tool to tell their story. Just as moving pictures, sound, and color added to the way we tell stories, 3D provides yet another tool to immerse the target audience in the story or message. 3D also provides a new and unique and exciting viewing experience for the general public.

I believe that 3D has a bright future and together with the other advanced imaging technologies such as 4k and 8k, 3D can finally make the break from the reoccurring fad that comes around every decade or so to a generally accepted viewing experience. I also believe that in the end, glasses or no glasses will not be a barrier to public acceptance of 3D in the home market. The end user can choose the right technology that fits their desired viewing experience.

How would you handle all the ‘3D is Dead’ press? Won’t any PR attempt bring the negative press to the forefront?

It seems that negative press will always be there. With the current situation, the press not includes not only your standard online and print media, but also includes many bloggers with an incredible following. Many in the media seem to crave an opportunity to find fault and to be the one who can say in the end that “I told you so.” Negative press is not necessarily a bad thing. Negative press gives the opportunity to not only respond with the real story along with proof points but also to change the conversation. For example, Apple has become quite good at handling negative press. With the latest release of the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6Plus, many in the press jumped at the chance to criticize the new larger sized products. They especially pointed out and relayed the rumor that the larger phone can bend. I saw many stories of people walking into stores and bending the phone. Apple jumped on this and in fact changed the conversation to the advantages of the larger phone. In the end apple iPhone 6 sales reached a record 10 million iPhones in just three days

For 3D let’s change the conversation. Let’s talk about advances in the user experience. Let’s talk about what we have learned about the technology and where it is going. Do not get into a argument with someone who is not going to change their mind. Let’s change who we are talking with. Let’s use other press, other editors, and other channels such as blogs and social media to get out our message. Another method would be to use reverse SEO. Put out as many messages, articles, and press releases with positive messages targeted to the public that will in turn push down the bad press in the search engine listings.

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Interesting 3D App

I just came across this article on Techcrunch. Check it out.


Didn’t get the hype about the Oculus? Don’t understand what all the fuzz is about?

We have talked about this new exciting field for the 3D industry several times here before. But the Oculus and its’ many competitors are much more than just a device to consume content. Some even argue that it is much more than enabling truly immersive experiences. Some would even go so far and say … well, just look for yourself:


4kcontenthub logo(Melbourne, September 19, 2014)

Al Caudullo Production and Australian based distributor, 4k Content Hub, announce a partnership to work on an ambitious 4k production. The production is set to begin in September at the world famous Angkor, Cambodia.

The shoot will include the use of helicopters, hot air balloons, boats and more. Set to be released by the end of November 2014, the production features the use of the ground breaking Panasonic GH4 Camera system. Al Caudullo a long-term innovator and known for his work as the 3D Guy has decided to use Panasonic GH4 due, in part, to its already proven ability to ‘out shoot’ other much more expensive 4K UHD cameras. “This is our 4th 4k production and after experimenting with different equipment we now know that this is the ideal combination to get the best results for our budget”, he added.


Torsten Hoffmann, CEO of 3D / 4k Content Hub has been successfully distributing Al Caudullo’s films for over 4 years. “We started to work together with stereoscopic 3D films, which we licensed to more than 20 territories”. The distributor has now expanded into 4k films, Continue Reading »

CTAA 3D COUNCIL LOGOThe 3D market in China has been called the ‘last one standing’. International 3D distributor Torsten Hoffmann (3D Content Hub) sits down with three Chinese experts to talk about the latest developments. Torsten has licensed a large amount of stereoscopic 3D titles to Chinese broadcasters and VOD platforms and has also successfully exported 3D documentaries made in China to the international market place. Yulu Wang is from the international Relationship Department, China Television Artists Association (CTAA) 3D Council, and has been involved the 3D work from 2012, focusing the 3D international Relationships. Jim King was active in the TV broadcasting industry as a distribution manager of foreign satellite TV channels before shifting to the online video markets. He produced the CCTV Internet Spring Festival Gala 2012 in 3D and is now focusing on R&D, holds several patents and is now working as CTO with imcube Technologies. Jingyu Lee is the general manager of mosky4D. This Chinese company is mainly engaged in producing stereo effect movies for Science and Technology Museums, including circular-screen and full-dome documentaries such as Morph.

imcube logo new

Torsten: China has become a more important player in the global 3d industry. Why do you think there is more interest in 3D in China than in the West?

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