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Picture of the Week

From an upcoming 4k film

Kings of Baja 4k

Kings of Baja 4k

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We are proud to announce that Micheal Watchulonis’ FireAnts 3D: The invincible Army has won the award for Best 3D Documentary at the Beyond Festival. The largest German 3D festival took place in Karlsruhe this month. We are distributing the film here (some pictures). It is on Amazon here, where you can also see a customer review falsely claiming that it is a 2D film. Here is the 3D Trailer on YouTube. And here is an in-depth interview about the film-making process.

FireAnts Award Beyond 2013

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Picture of the Week

From Pawel’s underwater shoot in Tonga. A016_R008_0730ZI

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3D Content Hub is proud to be a sponsor again at this years’ 3DFF. We are also participating with several shortfilms in the festival competition. More infos on the official website, the official 3DFF Final Program Guide v5 2013 (download pdf) or in the press announcement below:3d-Week-Facebook-Banner.00116TH ANNUAL 3D FILM FESTIVAL OPENS WITH INTERNATIONAL 3D SHORT FILM COMPETITION AND CLOSES WITH LOS ANGELES PREMIERE OF DARIO ARGENTO’S DRACULA 3D




SEPTEMBER 19 -21, 2013


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Today we present an exclusive interview with Leon Tan, producer of War of the Worlds: Goliath,  an award winning stereoscopic 3D animation feature.

War of the Worlds Goliath 3D Poster

1. Tell us how you got the idea to make this movie?
It all started from an idea by Joe Pearson, a Los Angeles-based animation producer and director, who had a concept for an animated TV series entitled “War of the Worlds: ARES” in the 1990s.
I met Joe in a bus in Tokyo in late-2006, during the Tokyo International Film Festival, and after he returned to Los Angeles and I to Kuala Lumpur, we kept in touch and he shared his many animation project ideas with me and the one that stood out was “War of the Worlds: ARES”.
By July 2007, Joe and I had formed a Malaysian company called Tripod Entertainment Sdn Bhd, together with New Zealander Mike Bloemendal whom I had already partnered with at Imaginex Studios, an audio post-production house also based in Malaysia.WaroftheWorldsGoliath - Still01_1

Tripod was fully-funded by MAVCAP, the Malaysian government’s venture capital firm. MAVCAP’s endorsement and investment was key to greenlighting Tripod’s production of “War of the Worlds: Goliath” (of which “ARES” was now called), which had by now shifted focus from a TV series to an animated feature film. 

Soon, other Malaysian government agencies and funds supported “Goliath”, including the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and Bank Simpanan Nasional. 

It’s not so much a sequel to the original HG Wells’ book as it is a “what if” scenario:  What if HG Wells’ book was really an eye witness’ journal of a historical global Martian invasion in 1899?  It’s just one man’s story, in an event that would have millions of stories to tell from perspectives all over the world experiencing the invasion.  By then, we got Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and owner/publisher of “Heavy Metal” magazine on board as Executive Producer, and David Abramowitz, the creative mind behind the acclaimed “Highlander” TV series, as a producer and writer of the script. Joe helmed the movie as director.  And so it began.


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The Graphics & Media Lab CMC of Lomonosov Moscow State University has about 10 years’ experience in comprehensive analyzing of compressed video. Recently the Graphics & Media Lab (further: the Lab) has published its first detailed report on Stereo-Film-Quality Analysis within VQMT3D (Video Quality Measurement Tool for 3D) Project. Meanwhile the Lab is working on the next four reports on stereoscopic video quality estimation. They are expected to be made public in the second half of 2013.

Stereo and multiview video entertainment has become a very popular trend. A rapidly growing demand for 3D films after Avatar release inspired the production houses to create a lot of new stereo content. But sometimes doing fast doesn’t mean doing it well enough. Insufficient stereo video quality provoked in the audience such ‘special effects’ as eyestrain and headache after visiting 3D cinemas. The Lab decided to analyze five stereo films, captured with stereoscopic camera systems and to investigate the reasons of the irritating annoyance. Finding just a set of bad frames is rather a simple task, but it is not a useful result for a comparative analysis. For achieving a valuable result it’s important to estimate a ratio of bad and well-done frames in a movie. Such results enable finding the worst frames in one movie or comparing different films.  For the purpose of revealing stereoscopic errors the Lab developed a unique tool for stereo video quality measurement (VQMT3D). Its algorithms are able to discover the key reasons of visual discomfort from 3D films viewing:

1. horizontal disparity

2. vertical disparity

3. color mismatch

4. sharpness mismatch


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Press Release:

From before the release of AVATAR up until the release of MAN OF STEEL, the questions surrounding 3D have for the most part, been answered.

Will AVATAR be successful, in 3D. No question about it. Will 3D become a creative tool used by top flight directors? Ask Martin Scorcese, Baz Lurhman, M Knight Shyamalan and the many others. Will television display makers add 3D as a built in feature in new sets? That answer is in and 3D is a part of virtually every new set available.

There are still questions about the growth of 3D. Will sports continue to be broadcast in 3D, will prime time television be offered in 3D, will 3D glasses become a thing of the past? Time will answer these questions but the basic question of the viability and sustainability of 3D has been answered and is no longer challenged.

We have been an advocate and a supporter of 3D from its very formative stages and have attempted to answer all 3D related questions as the technology evolved. For now, we feel there is little more we can do in the context of a two or three day conference to advance the knowledge beyond what it is so we have decided to postpone the 3D Entertainment Summit past 2013.

As with all technologies when new ones enter a market they are disruptive yet opportunistic as well. There will be new ones, we will be on the lookout for them and when the next generation of story telling is affected by technology and creates more questions than answers we will return with our conference team to endeavor to activate discussion and seek answers.

For now we want to thank our sponsors, supporters, speakers and attendees. We wish you all the very best and hope 3D has become a new area of success for you and we look forward to working with you again, down the road.

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