I came across this great article on Medium and the authors have kindly allowed me to re-post parts of it here.

Lessons from a nonprofit that is building a successful media program from scratch

Over the past several years, documentary films have made an explosive comeback. There are lots of reasons for this, but two of the big ones worth noting are:

  1. The continued emergence of the millennial generation and our keen interest in contributing to something bigger than ourselves.
  2. Substantially lowered costs via technological innovations in consumer-level videography equipment.

Just because more nonprofits and individuals are pursuing documentary filmmaking does not mean it is effortless though. Documentary filmmaking for the modern nonprofit is just one part of having a solid media program, while owning your own small studio as an individual still isn’t super cheap.

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Just go here and be stunned: http://www.odeith.com/anamorphic/

I was interviewed by SNL as MIPTV and SONY’s 4k presentation was winding down. Here is the post:

4K technology panels peppered the agenda at MIPTV 2015. Invariably at these discussions, someone always draws a comparison between 4K technology and 3-D, a feature widely deemed a failure in the consumer electronic space.

But a fairer comparison, speakers said, was the successful transition from standard definition to high definition.

SONY 4k Panel MIPTV 2015

“I feel like we’ve been through this before. I feel like the transition from SD to HD is most analogous,” XiveTV co-founder Greg Diefenbach, who spoke on a 4K panel at MIPTV, told SNL Kagan.

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This is the article I wrote two weeks ago for the official MIPTV blog. It was originally published on April 9th here.


4k Content Hub’ CEO explores the pros and cons of ultra HD TV, pre-MIPTV

As distributor of 4k content we get frequently asked by producers whether upgrading their workflows to 3840 pixels makes financial sense. “It depends” is our reply. We have recently experienced the boom and bust cycle of stereoscopic 3D and many in our industry are left disappointed and disillusioned having lost considerable investments into a technology that ultimately failed to convince the consumer. Being cautious about the “next big thing” the TV manufacturers are throwing at the market seems to the prudent approach.

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Futuresource, UK – Futuresource Consulting has announced its latest 4K report, which will review the progress in the broadcast, video, and display industries.

The report, which will be available in April 2015, provides an invaluable update to the 2012 edition, looking at the current market status across the entire entertainment and hardware value chain, both consumer and B2B.

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A few months ago I posted our crowdfunding campaign for the Bitcoin documentary here. We have made great progress with the film and I will post regular updates here. This week we are voting for the best poster/DVD design. Please take 30 seconds to let us know your favourite designs.