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A few months ago I posted our crowdfunding campaign for the Bitcoin documentary here. We have made great progress with the film and I will post regular updates here. This week we are voting for the best poster/DVD design. Please take 30 seconds to let us know your favourite designs.



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Today, I am proud to present my first own documentary production.

The topic of the film is Bitcoin because I have always been interested in Finance and Technology, and Bitcoin represents the perfect intersection of both. Moreover, of course, Bitcoin is very controversial at the moment. Several Governments try to ban it, Nobel prize winning economist call it a Ponzi scheme and the media is sceptical about this “magic Internet money’. At the same time, however, others call Bitcoin the most important technology since the development of the Internet. So far, it stands as the most profitable investment in history (!) and professional Silicon Valley and Wallstreet money is starting to flow into the ecosystem. After having spoken with the leading experts in the field it is clear to me that very few people truly understand the implications that Bitcoin will have for privacy on the Internet, international money transfers, central bank policy, the developing world, and the entire banking sector.


Our Kickstarter campaign contains the usual rewards (credits, downloads, DVDs) but we also have special goodies such as the 10 Trillion Dollar note from Zimbabwe – the most recent example of hyperinflation and mismanagement of monetary policy (Bitcoin is deflationary by design). Please check it out and share the link below via your channels. 


Note: This documentary is neither in 3D nor in 4k. Regular High-Definition is what makes most sense for this particular subject.

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Today in London I met Alia Sheikh who presented this technology. I thought you may be interested to have a look at what developments other than 3D and 4k are possible. What do you think. (watch videolink) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22315685

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Batman 3D

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Here is a geographic breakdown. Click for larger View. 

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