Lovetheframe‘s Manuel Benito de Valle talks about his latest 4k film Welcome to the Cave of Wonders and his experience with HDR. Check out his short video, too.

Q1: Please tell us a bit more about yourself and your company. How did you get started with filmmaking?

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to make films. I guess I couldn´t stop myself from trying to make my own. So I first started to storyboard them and then, when I was like eight years old, I laid my hands on my Mom´s friend´s video camera and shot my own star-wars film (with actual Star-Wars action figures) From that on, I´ve never really stopped making lousy films. Only they eventually got better! My company Lovetheframe is just another step on this very same road. I´m especially proud of a heartbreaking documentary I shot in Cuba called Knockoutkuba. 

Q2: What was the response to your 4k film Cave of Wonders? Why did you decide to make a longer version now?

4k Film in HDR

Poster Into the Cave of Wonders

The shortfilm was a great fun in terms of experimentation. Our aim was making a short doc so visually powerful that words would get in the way. Like the “no comment” section we used to watch on the News. You did not wholly understand them but you felt them even more because of that. Apparently we succeeded because it won many international awards and got great reviews and recognition. But I say apparently because by succeeding, we paradoxically built an audience that wanted to know and learn more about the Cave of Wonders. And so we had to face a new challenge: Make it longer and narrated without losing any visual power. I would like to believe that we did it again. Time will tell.




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3D Gif of the Week


I came across this great article on Medium and the authors have kindly allowed me to re-post parts of it here.

Lessons from a nonprofit that is building a successful media program from scratch

Over the past several years, documentary films have made an explosive comeback. There are lots of reasons for this, but two of the big ones worth noting are:

  1. The continued emergence of the millennial generation and our keen interest in contributing to something bigger than ourselves.
  2. Substantially lowered costs via technological innovations in consumer-level videography equipment.

Just because more nonprofits and individuals are pursuing documentary filmmaking does not mean it is effortless though. Documentary filmmaking for the modern nonprofit is just one part of having a solid media program, while owning your own small studio as an individual still isn’t super cheap.

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Just go here and be stunned: http://www.odeith.com/anamorphic/

I was interviewed by SNL as MIPTV and SONY’s 4k presentation was winding down. Here is the post:

4K technology panels peppered the agenda at MIPTV 2015. Invariably at these discussions, someone always draws a comparison between 4K technology and 3-D, a feature widely deemed a failure in the consumer electronic space.

But a fairer comparison, speakers said, was the successful transition from standard definition to high definition.

SONY 4k Panel MIPTV 2015

“I feel like we’ve been through this before. I feel like the transition from SD to HD is most analogous,” XiveTV co-founder Greg Diefenbach, who spoke on a 4K panel at MIPTV, told SNL Kagan.

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