A few months ago I posted our crowdfunding campaign for the Bitcoin documentary here. We have made great progress with the film and I will post regular updates here. This week we are voting for the best poster/DVD design. Please take 30 seconds to let us know your favourite designs.



A few hours ago Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 and a number of other new products. But the holographic glasses were all the craze. See the reaction of the tech press.




Endless Opportunities for the battled 3D industry. I can’t wait to hear some commentary re: comparisons with HDMs like the Oculus. Here are two youtube videos that I have found. 1 and 2. And here is Microsoft’s official product website. I may post updates as the story unfolds.

I just supported this petition in an effort to get major feature films released as 3D BluRay by Disney.

https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-release-3d-blu-ray-versions-of-disney-movies-that-had-a-3d-theatrical-release  (I have no association with the organizers)

There is no doubt about the consumer benefit. Especially kids love to watch 3D, that’s what they are used to in the cinema. And as a publisher of 3D BluRays I am obviously biased. We achieve about 50% higher margins per disc than regular BluRays and 100% more than DVDs. Some of our titles sell 10,000 discs or more, others never recoup their manufacturing costs. Physical media is a risky business, that’s what we do. But for a large media corporation, there virtually is no commercial risk. The production costs (compared to a 2D BluRay) are almost zero, and there is a proven market of passionate 3D fans who will buy the 3D versions. Win-Win. So, I think this is a cause to support.

Also, If anyone knows DVD publishers who are willing to try releasing 3D BluRays in their markets, please introduce them to me.

Thanks, Torsten


We published a popular interview on this topic a while ago (see here). Walter Funk has written an in-depth analysis on the use of autostereo in cinemas which is now available for free download here.

Al Caudullo wrote this detailed article about UHD production at low budgets with many great insights and details. “We were able to get 2.3 feet of slide distance with the simplicity of being tripod mounted” he writes and highly recommends other equipment, too: “The inevitable conclusion is that this camera is a game changer for the indie market”. Here is the link to the original Creative Cow article. 

Call for 2015 SD&A 3D Theatre Content
The producers of the annual Stereoscopic Displays & Applications (SD&A) 3D Theatre session are now seeking entries for the next event which will be held February 9, 2015.  This event showcases some 40 recent 3D clips during the two-hour show from content creators worldwide, ranging from major studios to independents and student filmmakers.  An illustrated listing of content from years past is available here: www.stereoscopic.org/3dcinema
If you are a 3D content producer, or have recently worked on a 3D production and can help obtain permission, please consider submitting your work.  We accept a wide range of entries.  Content should be tightly-edited and well produced, not to exceed 4 minutes in duration. The due date for content submission is 31 December 2014.  Content contributors may contact: 3dsubmission@about3d.info
About SD&A
The annual SD&A conference is the world’s premier conference for 3D innovation.  It is the largest and longest running technical conference dedicated to the discussion of technical stereoscopic imaging topics.  The conference runs February 8-12, 2015 in downtown San Francisco.
The SD&A conference is part of the Electronic Imaging Symposium which is jointly organized by the two technical societies IS&T and SPIE.  The SD&A conference program includes a range of exciting and useful special sessions, as well as research-based oral and poster presentations dedicated to stereoscopic imaging topics. Special sessions include keynote presentations and live demonstrations of stereoscopic displays and applications.
Further information about the SD&A conference is available at: www.stereoscopic.org

Mark Hughes wrote another long 3D article for Forbes. He also interviews the Legend3D Team. Here is the impressive opening:

“We are five years into the emergence of 3D as a major part of modern film viewing, and yet every year there remains the droning sound of some pundits predicting the demise of cinema’s 3D “fad.” When 2013 was predicted to be the first year witnessing a decline in 3D box office, entertainment media was quick to suggest this was finally evidence of the press’ accuracy in insisting 3D was declining/dying/dead. But of course, despite the best efforts of opponents, 3D continues to contribute massively to global film receipts and won’t be leaving any time soon — a point I’ve had to make in the past, you might recall.

3D films comprised 12 of the top 13 highest-grossing films of this year so far, with those films amassing a huge $7.5+ billion and counting at the worldwide box office. The rest of 2014′s 3D release have likewise contributed an additional $1+ billion to date, with several major 3D release still to come that should push the finally 3D box office tally over $10 billion and likely toward the $12 billion mark.”

Read the full article on Forbes.



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